Electro Playdough 6+ Years – The Journey
Electro Playdough  6+ Years

Electro Playdough 6+ Years

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Entertain your students with a lot of crazy science and experiments. The student will learn a lot of science and electricity concepts.

The kit contains more than 8 science and electricity experiments.

Your Kid Will Learn:

  • Basic electricity concepts.
  • How to make playdough that conducts electricity.
  • Electric circuit basics.
  • Using playdough and simple electricity tools to make robots.
  • How to form and connect different circuits.
  • How to differentiate between conductors and insulators.

The Kit Contains:

  • Needed science tools, Doodle Package, to recycle and color, instructional guide book, parent guide book, scientist journey, precaution guide for your kids’ safety, bar code to access the video tutorials on STEAM Hubs website.