Parenting Tip #11 – The Journey

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Parenting Tip #11

Don't compare siblings.

If a child thinks his or her brother or sister is favored, it can create a rivalry that may last the rest of their lives and cause problems in your family. Make sure your kids know that they are loved equally.

ما تقارنيش بين الأخ وأخوه/أخته .

لو الطفل حس انه أخته او أخوه هو المفضل، ممكن ده يخلق بينهم علاقة تنافسية ممكن تستمر معاهم مدى الحياة وتسبب مشاكل في عائلتك. خلي اولادك يحسوا انك بتحبيهم زي بعض.

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